How aiTai Came to Life

How aiTai Came to Life

aiTai came to life about five years ago. I started gardening several hours every day and making extensive swimming trips. The excessive amount of sun exposure took a toll on my hands and forearms. 

I looked at my hands and thought, “Oh my gosh where did those brown spots come from?” and, “those are my Mom’s hands!”. Ugly brown sunspots called also “age spots”, started appearing on my skin. 

I have been searching for the ideal pair of sun-protective gloves for a long time, but could not find any that would have all the properties I have been looking for. Therefore, one year ago I have designed a product, which became aiTai, that I have been testing throughout the entire year for all outdoor activities including long distance-swimming as well. Within that first year, the spots have bleached out for more than 50%. Another year of consequent wearing and my hands and forearms will be spot-free. Bye-bye sunspots, hello aiTai. 

OK, I have to admit, having sun/age spots is no tragedy. If I would suffer a chronic disease, sunspots on my skin would not bother me. I conduct a healthy lifestyle and look after every possibility to protect my health – and my skin. And to be honest, is there any woman who does not look after her skin? I hardly know of any.

Since the results exceeded my expectations I decided to help other women with this issue. Sun conscious persons are being highly aware of the damage UV rays can do both aesthetically and in terms of health. Daily usage of sunscreen, be it summer or winter, rain or shine can be unpleasant to apply no matter how great or cosmetically elegant the formula. To boot, it is easily rubbed off areas like the hands and frequent reapplication can get right in the way of your fun.

The initial prototypes of aiTai finger-free and palm-free forearm gloves were made out of a white-colored stretchy fabric. But, people kept asking if I had some medical condition with my arms. After a while, instead of explaining the purpose I began stating “It’s a fashion statement” and realizing I had to add different patterns and colors to achieve the fancy look. Some chic designs that fit almost every occasion that can be easily matched with any clothing outfit were the result.  

Since the palm is fabric-free I can easily grip the racket or the steering wheel of my car without gliding.

I wish I would have had aiTai sunprotect gloves those years ago to avoid the appearance of sunspots in the first place. As it shows, it’s never too late. I can also shake hands without having to put them off. My hands and arms look so much younger in just this short amount of time.

Lately, I showed aiTai new patterns and prototypes to my dermatologist. She was very impressed with the product and purchased some pairs.

You may be one yourself: a flawless ageless face, perfectly colored hair, and fingernails immaculately polished but on hands that ugly brown age spots. Now you can do something about it.