It’s All About Learning

Its All About Learning

Recently I came across a modern architecture TV show where they presented how some home owners are experimenting with new building materials which sometime do not show results anticipated. Then the show presenter said: “It’s all about learning, isn’t it?”

The statement almost instantly stroked my mind and has lead me to my process of finding the solution to my problem of battling the appearance of ugly dark spots on my hands’ and arms’ skin by designing and experimenting with fabrics and cuts, ending up in establishing a company, putting up a web shop, struggling with informatics and people of this field, learning about digital marketing and so on. One thought ran through my head: “It indeed is all about learning”. Not just in business life, our everyday life is full of potential of learning at least one small think every day. Most of us dislike the learning process which is not seldom full of trial and error. It demands sometimes more, but now and then less, effort and forces us to be in the moment – conscious of the present and not living on the autopilot – unconscious of what we are and why we are doing something, unaware of time.

And boy, did I have to learn in the meantime, that much for I’ve considered ending up the whole entrepreneurial endeavor. If it wasn’t for that little inner voice that kept pushing me ahead by reminding me how unsatisfied I would be if I wouldn’t have done e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g to raise women’s awareness for UV sun protection and melanoma prevention and not ending up being sorry, but have peaceful conscience.

Doing business is problem solving. That has been my business mantra in different fields I have been working in, from foreign trade, to adult education and business consulting. Nevertheless, there are days when we get tired of it. That’s human. Negative emotions eat up our energy. Then we stop, reflect, but not pity ourselves (!), try to understand the situation from a philosophical angle, and there is always a new day, with new opportunities.

Starting-up a company is a rollercoaster, but so is life, right?