Sun sleeves Promoted by the Celebrity

Sun sleeves Promoted by the Celebrity

Kim Kardashian

We have just came around the news that Kim Kardashian is promoting long beach gloves on her webshop. We are quite pleased that a wellknown business lady has recognized the need for protecting the skin on hands and arms from the damaged caused by the UV sunrays. The fact that fingers and palms are covered by a fabric is not something women will be delighted of though. As a matter of fact, those produucts are just a classical gloves with sleeves extended to the upper arm.

While designing our aiTai_blockspots sun protection sleeves we have detected the need for leaving fingers and palms fabricfree which enhances the everyday usage of the products. Protecting hands and arms just on the beach and for swimmig is not enough. The skin protection during gardening, outdoor sports activities like jogging, cycling, SUP, car driving – steering or being a passanger, outdoor socializing should be taken care of as well.

Favourable reviews from our clients and users and the excellent testing results completed with the news across the Atlantic indicate we are on the right track. We sincerely hope, blockspots are going to become the functional fashion accesory during months with intensified sunlight. I’ts time women become aware of this need, like they do across  Asia for quite some time now.