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AITAI Sun Sleeves

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Enjoy sunny days with the eternal sun cream...

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When To Use

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Driving a car

When we drive a car for a long time our hands don't burn.

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If the sun is strong while we are walking, we can get severe burns.

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Working outdoors

If we work outdoors for a long time, our hands can burn.

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Sun protection at all times

Sun sleeves packages are small and practical, and we can carry them wherever we want so we don't have to worry about it burning.

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Sun protection that lasts forever

Sun sleeves do not have to be applied again and again like sunscreen, but once you put them on, you know that the sun can't do anything to you.

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No more sunburns

Some creams can't stand it, but Sun sleeves can withstand even the strongest sun in the world and it will never let the sun's rays go.

What people say about us ?

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Frequently asked questions

Are aiTai sun sleeves warming the arms when worn during the summer season?

Here we have a paradox: although the first thought would be that putting a fabric on yourself when it is hot outside would make you sweat quite the opposite is the fact, for two reasons:

first, cotton jersey lets the skin breathe and second, the covered skin underneath the sun sleeves remains cool even when exposed to sunlight.

How to achieve an extra cooling effect during hot months?

If you spray aiTai with some water before or during wearing the temperature of your hands and wrists will go down caused by the cooling of the water while drying on your hands and forearms.

I have applied this method and it works perfectly.

It is known that you can reduce your body temperature by cooling the hand wrists with cold water.

The cooling effect expires as soon as the water evaporates and the skin reached the previous temperature.

While applying water on your aiTai the cooling effect can be prolonged by twenty times.

What makes aiTai sunsleeves stand out from other sunsleeves on the market?

They cover also the upper hand where the first sunspots tend to appear.

A spandex ribbon placed on the down side of the palm fixes the prolonged fabric and can be easily removed to handwash.

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